If you’re looking for someone who counts calories, criticizes your food choices and promises you instant weight loss- I’m not that someone. I am someone that will teach, encourage, guide and support you to a healthier and happier lifestyle. 

Having lived in 3 continents before residing in beautiful Vancouver, Canada, I’ve experienced many different food cultures from around the world. I realized that although they were all very diverse, one factor remained constant: 

the less time people spent analyzing their food choices and the more time they spent enjoying food with friends and family, the happier and healthier they were. 

I believe that by following a traditional diet of local, whole foods and adapting sustainable changes, you can naturally maintain a balanced lifestyle.

My mission is to share this unique perspective that so many people around the world are investing in: your healing journey begins with your plate.


  • Vanessa is a talented nutritionist and chef, and is an absolute joy to be around! She is innovative and organized, and is able to think outside of the box when creating healthy recipes and programs for her clients. I cannot say enough good things about her work ethic and enthusiasm.
    — Mikaela Reuben Nutrition
  • As a twelve year old girl, I was looking for an easy, efficient, and natural skincare routine for my eczema and sensitive skin. Gratefully, Vanessa came into my life and introduced me to an organic, non toxic skin care regime. I love it and it has changed my skin since I’ve been following the routine for several months now. THANK YOU VANESSA!
    — Lara H.
  • Vanessa is passionate about creating healing nourishment for the body. She incorporates her knowledge of nutrition and her authenticity in every colourful dish. Her food is creative, elegant and most importantly, delicious!
    — Kasia W.
  • The most amazing quality about Vanessa is she only suggests something that she truly believes in. She considers nutrition a lifestyle that influences you inside and outside, so working with her has pushed me to change as a person and implement a perspective towards healthy living that is sustainable and fun at the same time, and for that I will forever be grateful.
    — Maryam H. K.


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