Open letter - the beginning of my newly renamed blog #lifeofafoodienutritionist


Dear fellow foodie,
I'm excited to share with you my newly renamed blog #lifeofafoodienutritionist

Until now I have posted a couple of nutrition related posts once or twice a month. That has officially changed starting today. Get ready for delicious, mouth watering recipes, current lifestyle topics and personal stuff. Why now? Well honestly, the rainy season in Vancouver has begun and relaunching my blog seemed like a great activity to avoid another SAD (seasonal affective disorder) episode like I had last year. :-) 

So after all these professional, nutrition related articles from the past months, I have decided that my first post of my newly renamed blog “#lifeofafoodienutritionist” is actually going to be about my life (Yes, I’m the foodie who happens to be a nutritionist). Because why bother choosing this catchy, social media friendly (yawn) title if it’s not going to be about that?

So are you ready for yet another person in our universe, who decides to share her life with perfect strangers?

… but wait, before I continue I should tell you that English isn’t my mother tongue, which will require from your side a “tolerant” reading and I kindly ask you to ignore and over read my grammar and spelling mistakes. I usually ask friends to edit my nutrition posts, but since I want to stay as authentic and honest as possible, I decided to ignore my professional instincts and listen to my naïve heart hoping that you don’t care and enjoy my future posts anyway…

Hope you will enjoy my blog!