TOP 10 Rainy Activities


“There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.” German Proverb

Get that much needed Vitamin N and get out there and do all the activities you usually only reserve for sunny days. Well, except for having a picnic in the park?

Jennifer, fellow Holistic Nutritionist in Vancouver recommends “Snowshoeing on any of the North Shore mountains. Walk, or bike around the sea wall or in your neighbourhood park. As long as you’re moving your booty, you will be less moody!”


 I ASKED – YOU VOTED. Here are some of your favourite restaurants/cafés on a rainy day in Vancouver:


Take advantage of the rainy weather and write a letter! When was the last time you wrote a handwritten note to someone? (No, a reminder to take out the garbage on a post-it does not count! )


Enhance your mood with a little extra help from mother nature ... A must mood enhancing elixir for this rainy season would be the Harmonic Art’s “Uplifted Spirits” tincture. As our bodies crave more light during times of darkness, Uplifted Spirits acts as a beacon. This blend helps infuse the body with elements that fortify the base, including calming nervines, balancing adaptogens, and nourishing seaweeds. St John's wort is known to keep neurotransmitter levels in equilibrium, Rosemary enlivens the mind, and Eleuthero cultivates energy and focus. 

You all know how much I love Harmonic Arts. It’s a small company based on Vancouver Island and their mission is to share the healing powers of plant medicine with the community. They provide the finest high quality products by searching out the best possible sustainable, organic, and wild-harvested herbs in the local farming community, wild lands, and on the world market.


... by creating your own vision board

When was the last time you actually took the the time to ask yourself “What do I truly want in my life? Am I happy? Where do I see myself in a year?” Creating a vision board for yourself is a powerful tool to stay positive and focused. By allowing yourself to think about what you want, it opens you up to the possibility that these dreams are very much within reach. 

So what you will need to create a vision board:

  • Any kind of board (cork board, poster, paper…)
  • Scissors, glue, post-it’s, scotch tape, stickers, pins, magnets, markers, glitter, … really anything that you’d like to use to bring this board to life!
  • Quotes, articles, pictures, souvenirs that inspire you (I even used dried leaves and flowers on mine)
  • Time! Take some much needed “me-time” and have fun with it!


When it’s cold and raining outside and when we feel bored, sad or tired, we tend to crave comforting foods, which are usually rich in fat, sugar or salt. Unfortunately, these foods (as comforting as they are in the moment while you are eating them) put your body on a never ending roller coaster of mood swings, blood sugar crashes and energy loss. Wouldn’t it be great to have healthy, nutrient dense alternatives, which are still satisfying and provide you with steady energy throughout the day? Click here to find some natural, guilt-free, mood enhancing foods and a few meal suggestions which are quick and easy to prepare.


Who doesn’t like to drink a cup of spicy chai tea on a rainy day? After tasting Aslan’s spicy chai latte at the “Fall for local” event a few weeks back, I couldn’t stop thinking about his delicious creation and wanted to find a way to share his great blend with my fellow foodie community. I’m therefore super excited to announce that Aslan Chai is offering a 20% discount for you until December 1st!! Simply head to his site and use the code word "foodielife".


... from technology and use your hands for something else than typing or scrolling. Let yourself get lost in your favourite colours and draw away with a colouring book.   


... with your favourite book

Not sure which book to read? Then please check out “The Novel Cure” by Ella Berthoud and Susan Elderkin. It’s an apothecary, in which the authors have trawled trough two thousand years of literature for the most engrossing reads for every life situation. It’s structured like a reference book and allows you to simply look up your ailment, whether it’s midlife crisis, boredom, adultery or wishing you were a superhero. The book will provide you with names of novels to read as the antidote. It’s funny, entertaining and therapeutic at the same time. 

Need further inspiration? Please feel free to take a peek at my newly updated personal bookshelf here.


Tune out of the real world and TUNE IN some music. As my Parisian friend Marie suggested “my favourite rainy activity is blasting some music and singing out loud while baking cookies. If the weather is really bad I will add wine to this program. Because Freshness” ... Now that's the perfect suggestion for a rainy day activity we can all raise a glass to!