How to visualize your dream year


I don’t know about you, but I haven’t met anyone these days who is still following their New Year’s resolutions. Is it because they are usually about restricting or criticizing yourself? Or is because they almost always have a short expiration date and a low success rate, which makes us feel even more discouraged than before. For these reasons (and many more), I personally stopped setting myself New Year’s resolutions and started creating a vision board each year instead. To say that it was a life changing experience would be an understatement and I’m not one of those people, who use this expression lightly. Ever since I started creating these boards filled with my dreams, goals, desires and inspirations, they continuously became true in one way or the other.
So what exactly is a vision board and why does it work? The vision board is based on the “the law of attraction”- the name given to the maxim “like attracts like”. It sums up the idea that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life. By visualizing your goals and dreams either virtually (Pinterest is a great tool for this) or on paper, you send a powerful frequency to the universe.  By ultimately allowing yourself to think about what you want to achieve, how you would like to feel and where you would like to be, it opens you up to the possibility that those dreams are still very much within reach.
So what are you waiting for?
Let’s get started and make 2016 the year of your dreams!
What you will need to create a vision board:For the old-schoolers, who prefer the hands on approach:

  • Any kind of board (cork board, poster, paper…)
  • Scissors, glue, post-it’s, scotch tape, stickers, pins, magnets, markers, glitter, … really anything that you’d like to use to bring this board to life!
  • Quotes, articles, pictures, souvenirs that inspire you (I even used dried leaves and flowers on mine)
  • Time! Take some much needed “me-time” and have fun with it!

For the techies, who rather use their device than a pair of scissors:

  • It’s very simple: google “create a virtual vision board” and it will propose you several websites, which offer you to create a free vision board on their site
  • You can also create your vision board on your pinterest account. Search for quotes, pictures or even upload your own photos. You can even choose to keep it private if you rather want to keep your dreams to yourself!
  • And of course time! Close all the other open windows and tabs on your device, ignore the incoming e-mails and messages and simply enjoy getting inspired!