9 inspiring foodies you should be following

So who's behind the lense? ...

I meant plate

Caroline Loounie -  @loounie

Caroline Loounie - @loounie

1. One ingredient I can't live without: 

Definitely tahini! I use it plain as a dressing for my veggie bowls or as a base for creamy dressings. I also use it instead of oil when baking or as a topping on waffles or cake. The taste is mild and pleasant and the texture is just amazing.

2. My cooking style in three words: 

Simple, fun and colourful

3. My signature dish: Any type of abundance bowl, made with brown rice, crispy tofu or tempeh, baked sweet potatoes or squash, greens and other colorful veggies, and dressed with a tahni and lemon juice dressing. 

4. My latest food obsession: I try to sneak in beans and lentils in as many dishes as possible, since it keeps me full and energized: white beans waffles, black beans brownies, coral lentils oatmeal, mixed beans hot chocolate sauce

Samantha Koch -  @healthyhappy.biz

Samantha Koch - @healthyhappy.biz

1. One ingredient I can't live without: 

My Curry Spice Blend 

2. My cooking style in 3 words: 

Healthy, contemporary & traditional, comforting, by heart

3. My signature dish: 

Malaysian Curry Laksa

4. My latest food obsession: 

Green Banana Flour is pretty incredible! It's high in potassium, is a beneficial resistant starch (RS2), it's paleo, gluten free and is great for baking with because it closely mimics wheat flour results, the texture is light and fluffy and doesn't taste like banana when cooked! 

Odile Joly-Petit -  @odilejp

Odile Joly-Petit - @odilejp

1. One ingredient I can't live without: 

Either avocado or kimchi, or both together!

2. My cooking style in 3 words: 

Free style, seasonal, inspired

3. My signature dish: 

I don't know if we can call sourdough a dish, but then I woud say any kind of sourdough toast, sweet or savory!

4. My latest food obsession: 

Tahini, cause it makes the best damn sauces and dressings ever! I need to try it in sweet dishes now! That and find (or make!) some black tahini too.

Victoria & Christopher -  @ehvegan

Victoria & Christopher - @ehvegan

1. One ingredient we can't live without: 

Easy. Cashews! We use them in meals, desserts, or eat 'em as is!

2. Our cooking style in 3 words: 

Fun, flavourful, and fast (most of the time!)

3. Our signature dish: 

It's tough to nail this down. We love our mac'n'cheeze and breakfast tarts, but we're generally known for our word bowls! Seeing phrases like 'Good Vibes Only' and 'Do Epic Shit' on a smoothie bowl really seems to resonate with people.

4. Our latest food obsession: Edible flowers. We've recently used them to garnish our soups, avocado toast, and smoothie bowls.

Barrington Goldson -  @food.health.fit

Barrington Goldson - @food.health.fit

1. One ingredient I canโ€™t live without: Mango

2. My cooking style in 3 words: 

Fresh, flavoursome, fun

3. My signature dish: I taught a cooking class last year, and the one recipe that everyone seemed to talk about the most were my โ€œBarritos!โ€ (Jamaican jerk bean and veggie wraps) 

4. My latest food obsession: Natural food colorings such as pink pitaya and butterfly pea flower tea.  Or coloring foods by using a lot of one ingredient such as blueberries or purple sweet potato.  I like very dynamic, dramatic photography and it is so cool to me that I can create eye catching dishes with coloring that actually adds to the overall nutrition of the dish instead of take away from it!

heidi richter -  @the.simple.green

heidi richter - @the.simple.green

1. One ingredient I canโ€™t live without: 

Turmeric for it's health benefits and versatility in sweet or savory dishes.

2. My cooking style in 3 words: 

Nutritious, delicious, relaxed

3. My signature dish: 

Triple Chocolate Sweet Potato Cupcakes (that recipe brought the most visits to my blog in a single day). However, my family and friends know me best for my artisan-style breads. 

4. My latest food obsession: 

Adaptogenic / stress reducing sweet treats

crystal hughes -    @crystalhughes

crystal hughes - @crystalhughes

1. One ingredient I can't live without: 

Coconut milk. I love adding it to my smoothies, soups, baking and curry dishes. 

2. My cooking style in three words:

Inspired, rule breaking and joyful

3. My signature dish: 

Waffles!! My girls favourite. 

4. My latest food obsession: 

Warmed kale salad. I can't get enough. 

Haley Parrent -  @manifeastnutrition

Haley Parrent - @manifeastnutrition

1. One ingredient I can't live without: Turmeric. My entire life is stained yellow, and I am so okay with it.

2. My cooking style in three words: 

Vibrant, fresh, colourful

3. My signature dish: As a person who can't eat the same meal twice (let's call it food ADD), it is hard to say. My favourite thing to make though are my Feast Boards.  Perfect for any sort of gathering that brings people together around food. Must haves for my boards include handcrafted dips, fresh crudites, and all of the color you can imagine

4. My latest food obsession: A new vegan alternative to bone broth that I have been playing with. I am creating it with all of the incredible nutrients and healing powers that bone broth has, but without any animal products.

Anna Pelzer -  @anna.pelzer

Anna Pelzer - @anna.pelzer

1. One ingredient I can't live without: 


2. My cooking style in three words:

Colourful, fresh, vegan

3. My signature dish: 

Noodle bowls loaded with veggies and a savory sauce

4. My latest food obsession: 

Different ways of preparing avocado:  rings, curls, or roses