My work at a Tisane Farm

When I decided to work at Sara’s Tisane Farm to deepen my knowledge on herbal medicine, I expected to learn about medicinal herbs and flowers. Fast forward three weeks of spending every single minute outside in the nature from sunrise to sunset, I come back realizing that while I have improved my knowledge on herbs and flowers, the actual real lessons nature has taught me, go well beyond herbal medicine 101:

  • I learned that nature can be endlessly generous, if you show her patience.
  • I learned that nature doesn’t tolerate attempts at multi-tasking and requires your full attention, to be in the moment, here and now.
  • I learned that nature is like a conductor, leading a giant orchestra. When every player, from the plant to the earth and sun are in harmony, you can hear the most beautiful symphony. Yet when just one part misses a tune, it’s out of balance.
  • I learned that nature doesn’t want you to think or explain. It just wants you to feel.

Now that I’m back in the city, I will try my best to apply nature’s lessons to my daily life:

Feel more, explain less. Be patient, sit still. Be in the now, open my eyes and appreciate.

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