Meet Anna - Vegan food photographer, animal rights activist and friend

ยฉ 2017 Anna Pelzer

When I finally decided to get my portrait pictures done, I didn't hesitate for a second because I knew the perfect person to take them.   While it certainly helps that we are neighbours, the real reason is our shared passion for a plant-based way of living. I guess that's one big advantage when you're your own boss. You have the choice to surround yourself and work with like-minded people who inspire you, and the community you share. 

Anna is a talented vegan food photographer, who spends her weekends fighting for animal rights. If that isn't enough, she is also behind the now famous virtual vegan cook along on instagram, which is basically this generation's version of a cool vegan book club. I asked Anna to answer some of my questions to give you a chance to get to know this kind, beautiful soul a bit better. When you take the time to look at her pictures, I'm certain you will love her creative work as much as I do. 

Q: What made you decide to become a vegan? 

There are so many reasons to go vegan, but for me it is 100% for the animals.  After learning the truth about how animals are treated, I knew it was my only choice because I could no longer support a system of exploitation and abuse.  And I've never missed eating animal products because vegan food is so amazing!

Q: Tell me one ingredient you can't live without? 

Well, it appears from my Instagram feed that I am a bit of an avocado addict! I love the creamy texture and the challenge of making something artistic with it. It's so good for you, and I will add slices to nearly any savory dish.

Q: Every vegan has at least one funny anecdote of a moment in a restaurant or a conversation with a family member which perfectly confirms the stereotype one might have of veganism. What's yours? 

While out with friends at a pub that was lacking in vegan options, my boyfriend suddenly pulled a carrot out of his coat pocket and started eating it, much to everyone's amusement.

Q: Besides following a vegan diet and loving your pets, could you list three things busy people can incorporate into their daily lives to support the animal rights movement? 

1. Educate yourself. Watch documentaries such as Earthlings ( and do some reading to learn about ingredients and products to avoid, and what you can replace them with.

2. Be a positive influence to others. Show your friends that vegans are definitely not missing out on delicious food -- vegan cupcakes can work wonders in this department.

3. Protest the system. This can be anything from protests outside of slaughterhouses, letter writing campaigns to government officials, or simply asking your local stores and restaurants to carry more cruelty-free options.