Ordinary is EXTRAordinary

Why do we feel the constant need to seek “the extraordinary”? Does it have to do with the fact that we have this urge to document everything in our daily lives, or that we think the unfiltered, unretouched and real version isn’t good enough anymore?

It took me a while to realize that I’m actually the happiest in those ordinary moments. Those unpretentious, real times when I am myself, at peace and truly content. To feel this way, as it turns out, I don’t require much from the universe. Take a glimpse at this beautiful watercolour custom piece Jenna painted for me and you will see I’m the happiest if you give me a handful of nuts while I sit in the sun and watch ladybugs and bees crawling on lilacs. I bet if you listen to your soul, you too will prefer the simpler ingredients in life.

Luckily I have had my fair share of extraordinary moments in life. Those moments that are so big, you don’t realize they are actually happening, and it can take your soul a few days or even months, to catch up.  Usually by then, this “bigger than life” moment has passed and all you have is that memory which now feels more like a dream.  These days, you have social media to remind you of those moments and sometimes isn’t that the reason why you choose to experience “the extraordinary” in the first place? To showcase it to the world as proof that your life is anything but ordinary? The question is…WHY?

I’m writing this to remind myself, and myself only, that ordinary is pretty cool (if you feel like this speaks to you too, then even better). Because it’s these simple, ordinary moments, like watching the sunset on your balcony while drinking your homemade kombucha, that are the ingredients for my happiness.

What are your ingredients to your happiness?

… and guess what, once you add up those ordinary moments, you realize that life can be pretty extraordinary!